Air Pressure Sensor Thies

Air Pressure Sensor Thies

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  • Piezo-ceramic air pressure sensor
  • High accuracy and long-term stability
  • Scalable measurement range 300 ... 1100 hPa
  • 3 output options available:
  • Analog output (0 ... 5 V)
  • Frequency output (300 ... 1100 Hz)
  • RS485 output

The sensor measures the absolute air pressure of the atmosphere at the site. It is designed for application in the field of meteorology and environmental protection, where high accuracy, quick responding behaviour, long-term stability and reliability are required.

A tempered piezo-ceramic sensor for absolute pressure is used, which is characterized by thermal and mechanical stability.

The sensor offers three options for data retrieval: serial interface via RS485, frequency output and analog output.
The electrical connection is done via an 8-pole terminal strip and a special screwed cable gland with smoothing function for air pressure.
We recommend using an additional weather shield or protective housing with pressure balance function.