LiDAR in the wind industry

  • LiDAR stands for “Light Detection and Ranging”;
  • LiDAR uses the doppler effect on the laser light to measure wind conditions.
  • LiDAR have become more and more popular in the wind industry

On the one hand as a supplement to the traditional met mast, for wind park roaming and height extrapolation.
On the other hand as a standalone bankable wind measurement.

Those applications are presented in the Measnet guideline for site Asssessment (see annex C page 50 to 56)
MEASNET Site Assessment V2.0

C.7 RSD with Control Mast  
C8. Stand-Alone Application of RSD  
C9: Wind Measurements aiming for a better Spatial Coverage of a Wind Farm Area     (there is already a mast, but you want to measure wind conditions on other places in the wind park “wind park roaming”)
C10. Wind Shear Measurements for Vertical Extrapolation of Mast Measurements    (there is already mast, but you want to measure wind conditions above the mast “height extrapolation”).