How can I register for AmmonitOR?

Send an email to support[at] Our support team will set up an account for you.

How can I upload data files to AmmonitOR?

Depending on the data logger type, there are several ways to upload data to AmmonitOR:

Automatic upload of data files generated by Meteo-40 via SCP: Select in the Meteo-40 web interface AmmonitOR in the Communication-FTP/SCP menu and enter the Project key displayed in AmmonitOR in the appropriate field. According to the times configured in the Meteo-40 schedule, data is automatically uploaded. The Project key is used to assign data to projects.

Manual import of CSV files generated by Meteo-40: If you have write permission for the AmmonitOR project, you can easily upload data files. Go the Upload Data page in menu Data, select the data logger and browse for the CSV files.

Note: CSV files created by Meteo-40 are compressed using GZip. Decompress the files prior to upload.

Can I run AmmonitOR on my own server?

Yes, we can install AmmonitOR on your server. Please ask for an offer and the system requirements

Why I cannot see uploaded data in my project?

It can have several reasons, why data is not shown in AmmonitOR.

Check whether the Project key of the AmmonitOR project is correctly entered in the Meteo-40 web interface.

The import process of your recently uploaded data files is not finished. Wait a few minutes and display the data again.

Check whether all entries in the CALLaLOG software of your Meteo-32 data logger and in AmmonitOR have correctly been made. Even transposed numbers can stop the import process.

Is my data safe on AmmonitOR?

In order to monitor your projects, measurement data can be accessed via encrypted HTTPS connection. The upload of files generated by Meteo-40 data loggers is based on the SCP protocol to protect data from unauthorized access; files are decrypted using the industry standard Open SSH. All browser sessions are encrypted based on the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.