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Meteo-42 is easy to configure – from your office or directly on site – using the same communication tools and software as the Meteo-40 plus: AmmonitConnect and AmmonitOR cloud. Our data loggers are easy to install and work reliably worldwide.
Meteo-42 brings those technical innovations:
•    Three RS-485 ports
•    Faster processors
•    Better grounding for more accurate measurement of analog quantities
•    More flexible switches.

Meteo-42 will be available from August 2023 at the same price as Meteo-40 plus.


Meteo-42M  Description  / Device
  Order Number   M21050  
Input Channels Pulse Counters  8 Anemometers, precipitation sensors
Digital Serial  (Status) 4 Wind vanes serial, precipitation monitors, ext. activation
Analog Voltage 8
± 0.1 V,
± 1 V,
± 10 V,
16 bit
Air pressure, temperature, humidity sensors, pot. wind vanes, pyranometers, pyrheliometers
RS485 (Client) 2
Ultrasonic anemometers and smart sensors
Output Channels RS485 (S) (1) RS485 Server SCADA monitoring software
 5V | Switches 4 Sensor supply, relay for modem, heating supply
Current Source     1  Pt1000, Pt100
Reference Voltage Source 1 5 Volt reference source
Connectivity  USB (2) USB-A host (USB 2.0 High Speed)
(1) USB-B device (USB 2.0 High
PC, modem, memory stick, WiFi, GPS, camera
Ethernet  (1) Ethernet     Router, satellite modem, LAN and SCADA output
Data transfer Email, FTP, SCP, SFTP, FTPS, data
copy on USB flash drive, SCADA, API
From Meteo-42 data logger and from AmmonitOR Data Cloud
Data cloud AmmonitOR Data Cloud
Data Cloud for campaign monitoring
Remote access
to Data Logger
Ammonit Connect Remote Access
to Data logger
Remote web UI access to data logger for configuration
Live data XMPP messages Ammonit Live Data Suite with PubSub server, server side data
collection, and web app for immediate transmission and display
of measurement data
Storage Size  Source Data
(1-sec data)
 2 GB enough for 6-12 months
 CSV Data
(10-min data)
 0,5 GB   enough for ≤ 15 years
Display & Keys   (20 x 4) LC display with backlight, five keys
Power Supply 9 ... 36 V DC    
Operat. temperature  -40 ... +65 °C  
Protection (Housing)     IP65 
Housing Dimensions 260 x 194 x 67 mm
Weight     1110 g
Accessories     External modules, plug connector, mounting kit, steel cabinet